Täby Kyrkornas Second-hand

We have been eager to visit this second-hand store in Täby for a while and are so glad we did! Täby Kyrkornas Second-hand is the result of the collaboration of several churches across Täby Kommun and thanks to volunteers, it has been operating since 1993.

Their slogan “Vi har allt – men inte alltid” (we have everything – but not all the time) is a pretty accurate statement. And, unlike some second-hand stores you go to in Stockholm, it is extremely well-organised, with different sections of the warehouse housing different wares…

What can be found at Täby Kyrkornas Loppis?

On the ground floor, there are some interesting pieces to be found including hanging wall clocks (and even grandfather clocks), furniture, rugs, light-fittings & lamps, electrical goods and a plethora of various other items. But this is more than just a second-hand warehouse… in fact, some parts felt more like Ikea than a second-hand store with its laid tables showcasing a vintage tableware set, and a mini living room consisting of a sofa, coffee table and made complete with wall hangings and table lamps to help you to envisage the wares in your own home. Ok… so it’s not quite Ikea but the volunteers had clearly taken care to make this into a real showroom…

As you take the stairs to the first-floor, you will find more clearly-defined sections of glassware, brassware, tea-sets, crockery sets, trinkets, paintings, children’s games & toys, and a huge array of books (mostly in Swedish but across many genres of fiction and non-fiction). You can also find a small clothing department alongside a sizeable home fabrics section on this floor. And if all this browsing, thrift shopping and bargain hunting becomes too much for you, you can always rest and have fika in the café here.

Outside we even stumbled upon exercise machines, baskets and a variety of other ‘miscellaneous’ items, and a sneak peek into the storage rooms revealed boxes overflowing with even more items that hadn’t yet made it onto the shop floor… yes, this is one well-stocked second-hand store!

Where does the money go?

All the proceeds from Täby Kyrkornas Second-hand are destined to help good causes: Firstly, they are distributed to the churches whose members have worked as volunteers, and these churches then decide which causes and projects to donate to every year. Alongside this, they also have a disaster fund in place to help with various natural disasters and emergency appeals at any given time.

How to get there?

Travelling by car is really easy and when we visited, there was free parking on the road outside (but check the signs carefully in case they change).  The bus stop immediately outside the loppis is Grindtorp Södra, or it is just a 8 minute walk from Roslags Näsby Station or 18 minutes walk from Täby Centrum Station (both on the Roslagsbanan).

Location: To the left of Grindtorpsvägen 1, Grindtorp
Opening Times: They open on a Saturday from 10-14 and a Wednesday evening from 17-19 but will accept donations every weekday from 8-16:30.

22nd April 2017

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