Welcome to Stockholm on a Shoestring

Stockholm on a Shoestring is all about finding hidden gems that don’t cost the earth - from the best second hand shops, through to the best value places to eat and drink, as well as cheap days out. Whether you are living in this vibrant city or just passing through, we have everything you need to ensure you can experience Stockholm & all it has to offer on a budget.

Sushi in Stockholm

Stockholm does sushi well, which is not surprising for a city that is surrounded by water, and celebrates fish at every seasonal dinner table (including Midsummer and Christmas).  Plus, if you opt for a lunch deal (dagens lunch), you really can make the most of this Japanese cuisine in Sweden.…

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4th August 2017

Täby Drive-In Loppis: Sweden’s most popular car boot sale

This weekend marked the opening of Täby Drive-In-Loppis in Stockholm for this 2017 season and the start of its 10th year celebrations.

For those who don’t know about Täby Loppis, it is a very large (and by all accounts very good) car boot sale – running every weekend from the …

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27th May 2017

Valborg in Sweden: Celebrating the arrival of Spring

Spring has been a long time coming this year, and we’re still waking up not knowing whether we snow will have made an appearance again. When you imagine what life would have been like in centuries gone by in this Northern (and in some places Arctic) climate that we call …

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28th April 2017

Täby Kyrkornas Second-hand

We have been eager to visit this second-hand store in Täby for a while and are so glad we did! Täby Kyrkornas Second-hand is the result of the collaboration of several churches across Täby Kommun and thanks to volunteers, it has been operating since 1993.

Their slogan “Vi har allt …

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22nd April 2017

Explore Stockholm with the 100 Point Challenge

Looking for a different way to explore Stockholm this summer?

Yes, the weather is finally changing which means that getting out and about during this season is a must!  But how can you get the most from this historical and culturally rich city, whilst also enjoying the Swedish outdoors? Well, …

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25th March 2017

How to buy cheaper alcohol in Sweden

It’s common knowledge that the government-owned store Systembolaget has the monopoly when it comes to buying wine, beer and spirits in Sweden, but less well-known is that it is not the only option when it comes to buying alcohol in Sweden.

Taking a ‘booze cruise’ to Finland (or even just …

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2nd March 2017

Classic Swedish Meatballs and Lingonberry Sauce Recipe

Perhaps Sweden has IKEA to thank for the worldwide fame surrounding its most famous dish? One thing we are sure of is that after several years of living here and many recipe attempts, we have settled on this being our favourite homemade meatball recipe. It is simple to make and …

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21st February 2017

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