Hurry Curry – Indian inspired food in Stockholm

“Hurry Curry – part of a different world …
In our Swedish Indian restaurants, Hurry Curry, in Stockholm, you can enjoy tasty Indian food, a lassi, healthy Kombucha teas, different kinds of coffee and delectable pastries. Come in for dinner, lunch or coffee in our Indian-inspired environments…”

Hurry Curry intrigued me from the first time I saw it.  This probably had something to do with the fact that I love the store Indiska, which sells Indian inspired clothing and homewares – although if I want to stay thrifty, I have to give myself a budget to stick to before I shop there, but they do great sales – so it is worth watching out for those.  Anyway, Hurry Curry is a restaurant which is part of the same company (hence, you will find them next to certain Indiska stores).

With three Hurry Curry venues to choose from, we ate at Hurry Curry in Gamla Stan.  The other two restaurants are in Hörtorget and Värtan.  It is also worth noting that the menus differ at each establishment – you can check out what’s cooking over at their website.  In Gamla Stan, we found around 8 dishes on the menu, including chicken tikka masala and a tandoori paneer (an Indian cheese used in cooking).  My husband and I opted for the mixed thali (3 currys, rice, salad & a poppadom) and a dumpling salad (3 samosas, rice, salad & a poppadom) which came to 180SEK.  We shared both dishes which was a great option – they even brought us extra plates to allow us to share with ease.

Granted, this may not be the most authentic curry ever (we used to live in London where we were a little bit spoint by the many, many good Indian restaurants which were local to us) but Hurry Curry it is aromatic and tasty.  I liked the fact that their restaurants are set up in such a way that you feel like you can relax over your food and leave fully satisfied.  They are also licensed to sell alcohol, meaning you can enjoy a glass of wine or beer with your lunch. (Oh, and in the cellar of Hurry Curry in Gamla Stan, they have Indian furniture for sale – not really on a shoestring budget, but a nice addition – plus, it’s always fun to do some window shopping!)

The verdict:

Well, nothing beats an independently run Swedish cafe with all its individual quirks but sometimes when you are out and about in Stockholm, it is also good to know that there are small chain restaurants that can be relied upon to give you tasty food at a reasonable price.

Locations & Opening Times:

Hurry Curry – Gamla Stan

Location: Tyska Brinken 28, 111 27 Stockholm
Tube: Gamla Stan (Red, Blue and Green Lines)
Opening Times: Mon-Fri: 11-20, Sat: 11-18, Sun: 12-17

Hurry Curry  – Hötorget

Location: Slöjdgatan 11, 111 57 Stockholm
Tube: Hötorget (Green Line)
Opening Times: Mon-Sat: 11-20, Sun: 12-17

Hurry Curry  – Värtan

Location: Malmvägen 1-3 102 54 Stockholm
Tube: Gärdet (Red Line)
Opening Times: Mån-fre: 11-14, Lör-sön: Stängt

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16th August 2014

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