How to buy cheaper alcohol in Sweden

It’s common knowledge that the government-owned store Systembolaget has the monopoly when it comes to buying wine, beer and spirits in Sweden, but less well-known is that it is not the only option when it comes to buying alcohol in Sweden.

Taking a ‘booze cruise’ to Finland (or even just into Finnish waters) has been an option taken up by many Swedes for many years, but since 2008, buying alcohol online from companies based in other parts of Europe is becoming more popular (and cheaper) way of stocking up on alcoholic drinks.

What you need to know about buying alcohol online:
  • You have to use a company that is registered in Sweden as a distance seller of alcohol
    We’ve made this easy for you with our list of companies below!
  • Most drinks companies charge for delivery
    This is fulfilled by an external delivery company (often through the website but you might have to pay for delivery separately). Make sure the shipping costs are part of your calculations to ensure you get the best deal.
  • Buying in bulk is the way to save money
    While it may take you a while to get your head around all the companies out there – it will become easier and quicker down the road.
  • Use different companies for different items
    A bulk order for everything can be great when you’re planning a party but but if it is good quality wines you are after, sometimes an independent wine retailer can be a better option than a company that offers everything.

But finding your way through the vast array of different companies out there can be very confusing, so we have categorised this (by no means exhaustive) list of many of the companies out there with what they have to offer: 

Best Value – For Wine And Spirits:

  • – Often has great offers on spirits – which will give you the best value on your order and we have often found this to be the cheapest for brands
  •  – Has a wider variety of wine and beer than many other online stores
  • – Has a good selection of spirits and good value wines – with a large selection of Spanish wines. Shipping seems to cost a little more for smaller orders and the number of bottles in your order must be divisible by 6

Other Retailers Of Wine And Spirits:

  • – a good selection but delivery costs are unclear until you go through to the checkout
  • – not as cheap as some of the others but they do offer a good selection
  • – wide selection including a variety of fortified wines (port, madeira, sherry)
  • – we love that they compare each product to the price you would pay at systembolaget in Sweden
  • – for a large variety wine wine-in-a-box options (amongst other things)
  • – has some good offers if you are not looking for something specific
  • – More than just drinks – food, candy and household products are available for home delivery

Wines From Around The World:

Direct From The Vineyards:

Wine Club Subscriptions:

There are some great wine subscriptions (vinprenumerationer) on offer to Swedish customers – here are a few of our favourites:

  • – Offers some good value wine cases as well as a subscription option for French and Italian wines
  • – Offers a wine club subscription alongside a good selection of products
  • – This company offers a simple seasonal wine box from small organic wine growers
  • – Their wine subscription starts at just over 1500SEK but for 9-12 bottles
  • – Choose from 4 different pricing options for their wine subscription

Quality Wines For A Higher Budget:

So there you have it! Our go-to list of wine, spirit and beer retailers in Sweden. Have you used any of these? Know of any companies that we don’t? Let the community know by leaving a comment below.

Photo Credit: Jon Phillips

2nd March 2017

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