Café Saturnus: To go or not to go?

Many Swedes love this place & it is definitely popular. Others think it is over-rated. Me? I’m undecided on this one – so you can make up your own mind…

It has to be said that there are lots of good things going for Café Saturnus:

  • There is plenty of room.
  • The mosaic tiles on the floor really brighten the whole place & give it character.
  • Staff are really friendly.
  • Portions are big & the food is fresh.
  • The background music is good – instrumental, European, varied…I mean, you feel like you’re in a cafe in sunny Southern Europe.  (Until you look out the window & see the snow!)
  • Café Saturnus is also home to the largest kanelbulle I have seen in Stockholm so far. Last time I visited Café Saturnus (nearly 2 years ago), the kanelbulle I had was quite dry & doughy – since then, I think they have improved on their recipe: A lighter texture laced with plenty of cinnamon & sugar layers.

The downsides to Café Saturnus:

  • They may serve the biggest, but not necessarily the best kanelbulle ever – if you want big, then Saturnus is the place for you – they are really meant for sharing, surely?!
  • It gets busy at popular times (lunch times & as people finish work), although you can phone ahead to book a table.
  • Standard Swedish café prices, maybe even a bit over the odds (although portion the size makes up for this so it is still fairly good value – that is why we have included it).
  • Although there is space, they have squeezed just one too many tables in…it’s a squeeze to get through to the bathroom!

The verdict: The jury is out. It is definitely a good option & no doubt we’ll go again.

Location: Eriksbergsgatan 6, Stockholm
Nearest Tubes: Rådmansgatan (Green Line) or Östermalmstorg (Red Line)
Opening times: Mon-Fri 8-20, Sat & Sun 9-19

What do you think about Café Saturnus? What other great value cafés in Stockholm would you recommend?

Do let me know what you think of Stockholm’s café scene by leaving a comment below…

4th April 2014

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