Explore Stockholm with the 100 Point Challenge

Looking for a different way to explore Stockholm this summer?

Yes, the weather is finally changing which means that getting out and about during this season is a must!  But how can you get the most from this historical and culturally rich city, whilst also enjoying the Swedish outdoors? Well, two creative entrepreneurs have created the answer for us with the 100 Point Challenge – and their season kicks off on 1st April.

Described as “The Amazing Race meets local pub quiz”,  The 100 Point Challenge involves teamwork as you make your way around the city, in search of answers to clues and riddles, and also provides a fascinating insight into Stockholm’s rich culture and history.

Before the end of last year’s season back in October, we had the pleasure of testing out the 100 Point Challenge for ourselves and this is what we thought…

It was a blustery October day and we were more than happy to meet our friendly hosts in a cosy cafe in Gamla Stan where everything was explained to us. The first decision came with deciding which level of difficulty to take on:

  • Astrid’s Adventure – perfect for anyone – no previous knowledge of Stockholm is required
  • Björn’s Battle – aimed at people living in the city who have some prior knowledge of Sweden’s history and culture
  • Gustav’s Glory – the toughest version of the game – for Stockholm’s experts and enthusiasts

After a little deliberation, we opted for Björn’s Battle and had a team of 4 to complete our mission (teams of 2-6 people are recommended). Our journey began with an exploration of Gamla Stan before we headed to the area surrounding Kungstragården and the nearby islands of Skeppsholmen and Riddarholmen.

Each clue was worth a different number of points (with 100 being the total number of points available) and we enjoyed the varied nature of the questions: Some required straight forward answers, while others involved photographic evidence and selfies at various landmarks and statues (using the fun polaroid camera provided). And without giving too much away, the clever ‘making’ challenges sparked great humour and creativity within our group!

Having lived in Stockholm for the best part of 3 years myself, and with two Swedish citizens on our team, Björn’s Battle was the perfect level for us – with our combined team knowledge adding to the insights we could bring to the different questions and challenges.

Heading back to the cafe, we warmed up with a fika as we awaited our final score…  we didn’t quite achieve the 100 point goal in the 2-hour time limit that we had and I think our final score was 82, but we had a fantastic October morning exploring Stockholm and meeting new people.

So why not consider The 100 Point Challenge this season as a new and different way to explore the city? It’s perfect for groups, couples or families (especially as children under the age of 8 go free).

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Whether you are a tourist or a local, this really is a great way to discover Stockholm.

All photos: © 100 Point Challenge and Anita Tatlow


25th March 2017

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