Welcome to Stockholm on a Shoestring

Stockholm on a Shoestring is all about finding hidden gems that don’t cost the earth - from the best second hand shops, through to the best value places to eat and drink, as well as cheap days out. Whether you are living in this vibrant city or just passing through, we have everything you need to ensure you can experience Stockholm & all it has to offer on a budget.

Explore Stockholm with the 100 Point Challenge

Looking for a different way to explore Stockholm this summer?

Yes, the weather is finally changing which means that getting out and about during this season is a must!  But how can you get the most from this historical and culturally rich city, whilst also enjoying the Swedish outdoors? Well, …

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25th March 2017

How to buy cheaper alcohol in Sweden

It’s common knowledge that the government-owned store Systembolaget has the monopoly when it comes to buying wine, beer and spirits in Sweden, but less well-known is that it is not the only option when it comes to buying alcohol in Sweden.

Taking a ‘booze cruise’ to Finland (or even just …

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2nd March 2017

Classic Swedish Meatballs and Lingonberry Sauce Recipe

Perhaps Sweden has IKEA to thank for the worldwide fame surrounding its most famous dish? One thing we are sure of is that after several years of living here and many recipe attempts, we have settled on this being our favourite homemade meatball recipe. It is simple to make and …

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21st February 2017

12 Free Museums in Stockholm

You’ve probably heard of the must-visit museum in Stockholm including The Vasa and Skansen. But did you know that Stockholm has a whole lot more to offer when it comes to museums – and if you plan it right, you can visit many of them for free!

And to …

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31st January 2017

Stockholm for Photographers

Stockholm is a fantastic city in all seasons for budding photographers, and whether photography is your profession, passion or or a personal hobby, we have rounded up some of the best (including some less-well-known) spots for photographers to catch a glimpse of Sweden’s capital from every perspective.


Head to …

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17th January 2017

Indian Street Food & Co. – some of the best Indian Food in Stockholm

So there we were, braving the bitter sub-zero January temperatures of Stockholm in search of some hearty, warming food for the soul – only to find that the lunch place we were heading for was closed!

But all was not lost… as we retraced our steps it wasn’t long before …

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10th January 2017

St. Lucia in Sweden

Lucia is perhaps the biggest advent tradition in Sweden, and for the music, white gowns, candles and artistic beauty – it is definitely worth seeing if you can. (And you won’t have to go far to find a Lucia pageant across Stockholm at this time of year.)

In days gone …

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8th December 2016

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