When in Sweden…making the most of the great outdoors!

***2017 UPDATE: Be sure to keep reading for our 2017 update, which includes an online map of all the utegyms in Stockholm***

Keeping fit is something that is important to many Swedes, and you will often find them running through the rain, sun and yes, even more so in the snow!  And let’s not forget swimming  – and with a country that boasts 95,700 lakes, it is hardly surprising that many Swedes like to take a dip or two throughout the Summer months in their local badet – a list of recommended swimming sites in Stockholm can be found here.

Now I know what you’re thinking – you can run and swim outdoors in many places for free – this is not unique to Sweden. And you’re right. There’s more…

In recent years, around Stockholm (and other parts of Sweden), several free, local outdoor gyms (‘utegym’ in Swedish) have been popping up. They are completely free to use and many are located in rather picturesque surroundings.

One of our favourite outdoor gyms in Stockholm is Solviks Utegym near Alvik & Bromma.  Being easily accessible by public transport whilst also surrounded by forests (complete with a running track) and situated next to Solviksbadet (an excellent beach and swimming location in the summer months too), you have the perfect location to enjoy the nature of Sweden without leaving Stockholm.

Solviks utegym is complete with a  large variety of exercise equipment for strengthening, toning and balancing training. And as they have been made from natural resources, their appearance is in fitting with their forest surroundings.

Stockholmers: Think of all the money you will save on that gym membership!
Stockholm Visitors: Who needs to stay at a hotel that comes with a premium price tag because it has a ‘gym’ when you can use and utegym for free?

And for those brave souls out there…Stockholm’s outdoor gyms are open all year round…so if you’re feeling brave during those winter months…!?

Whether Stockholm is your home or you are just passing through, there is something for everyone at Solviksbadet and utegym. So why not make a day of it? Explore the great Swedish outdoors. Bring a picnic, amble along the forest paths, enjoy an outdoor workout and cool off with a swim in the lake.

Stockholm really does have so much to offer on a shoestring – so make the most of this free day out!

Solviksbadet & Utegym location: Ålstens Skogsväg, 167 63 Bromma
Nearest Tube: Alvik (Green Line)
Nearest Tram: Smedslätten Spårv

A full list of Stockholm’s outdoor gyms (and there are over 30 of them) can be found here.

***UPDATE 2017: Big thanks to Dan over at Run With Me Stockholm who has compiled a map of all the utegyms (outdoor gyms in Stockholm). Be sure to check out the map here!***

9th July 2015

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  • Ana Valle

    Loving your site :)

  • Dan Paech

    Hey, I thought it would be helpful to put all the utegyms on a google map so I have started it here: http://www.runwithmestockholm.com/blog/2015/6/21/outdoor-gyms-utegyms-in-stockholm

    • Hi Dan,

      Thanks for sharing this with us – I’ll be sure to link to it from the article as well – a super useful tool for us all!

      Thanks again,


      • Andrew

        Hi Dan

        This will be very useful.

        Also Dan / Anita,

        My wife and are are currently travelling the world for my wife’s new website (www.TheFitTraveller.com.au) were we are exploring and road testing a whole range of health, wellness & fitness activities, gastonomy etc. Is there anything else you can suggest to try while we are in Stockholm?


        • Hi Andrew,

          There are some great (and healthy!) places to eat. Try Herman’s for a gourmet vegetarian buffet – but do check their site for opening times as they have recently refurbished and have been operating different opening hours – https://www.stockholmonashoestring.com/hermans-vegetarian-buffet/.

          Also, sushi is really popular in Stockholm – Mutto Sushibar has to be one of the best in Stockholm (and centrally located too).

          Other than that – Sweden is a very outdoorsy kind of place. There is a lot of do outdoors depending on what time of year you come. From kayaking, canoeing etc. to overland skiing and even iceskating on the lakes (when it gets cold enough). And there are many places that are great for hikes not far from the city too!

          Hope that helps!