Växt cafe – A fantastic lunch deal for vegetarians and vegans in Stockholm.

At first glance, this cafe seems like it is just another takeaway eatery in Stockholm (yawn!) but… if you dare to let your tastebuds loose amongst this sea of flavour and nutritional goodness, we assure you – you will not be disappointed!

Växt Cafe (växt is the Swedish word for plant) is an independently run vegetarian and vegan cafe that serves an incredible lunch buffet in Fridhelmsplan, a couple of streets away from the hustle of the main streets of St. Eriksgatan and Fleminggatan. We visited for the first time this week and the service was first class: Upon arrival, we were given a full explanation of what was available (soup, hot dishes, salads etc.), level of spiciness for some dishes and, as we are awkward people with food intolerances, we were even given a run down of ingredients of the dishes.  As my husband is dairy intolerant (and this is also good for anyone who is lactose intolerant), we were super impressed to learn that all but two of the dishes were actually vegan! The only dishes containing milk or cheese were the lasagne and pizza (somewhat unsurprisingly) – although I can say they were delicious – especially the lasagne, which was made using coconut milk and had a thai curry feel about it.

I should probably say that when we entered I was a initially a little concerned that we had come into the wrong place – the sign outside said that there was seating for 30 people, but I only saw 2 small tables and 4 chairs. But I shouldn’t have worried! A small corridor led to another brightly-coloured, welcoming room which with plenty of seating for us to settle in for a hearty vegetarian meal. (Oh, and it was a good job we came hungry…)

Why we like Växt Cafe?

There are several well-known vegetarian restaurants in Stockholm, not least Herman’s and Rosendal’s Trädgård, and Växt cafe doesn’t seem to get a look in with these big names. But don’t let that fool you! There are so many reasons you need to try this place:

Centrally located, Växt cafe offers a great lunch buffet during the middle of your working week. A must for anyone working in the city, especially near Fridhelmsplan.

Off the beaten track – when you can’t get into your favourite lunch spot, you should give this a go – being less well known than some popular eateries, it is highly likely that you will get a table. (Until word gets out that is…)

International cuisine – more so than other vegetarian restaurants we have been to, Växt Cafe offers dishes inspired by various locations within its buffet, bringing you a whole world (literally) of flavours. Their kimchi (a korean side dish made with fermented cabbage usually) was some of the best I have tasted to date!

Vegan and Dairy free – most of the menu was vegan (minus the two dishes I said earlier) and therefore dairy free. If you are gluten, dairy or lactose intolerant, this really is a great lunch option as you can eat so much of what is on offer.

The homemade bread! Fresh from the oven and with a wonderfully moist cake-like texture. You simply have to try this!

3 courses meal: Ok… so technically, it is a buffet but… with soup and homemade bread to start, delicious warm dishes accompanied by an extensive salad buffet for main and chocolate brownie with coffee for desert… you will definitely leave feeling like you’ve had a three course meal!

Best value – At 99 SEK for a buffet of 4 or 5 hot dishes, at least 8 salads, homemade bread (really…you need to go there just to try this!), soup of the day, coffee and a small desert, you really can’t go wrong. That is what we call value for money! Thank you Växt Cafe.

Location: Polhemsgatan 21, 112 30, Stockholm 
Nearest Tube: Fridhelmsplan (Green and Blue Lines)
Opening Times: Monday – Friday lunch: 11:00-15:00. Closed at weekends


Have you been to the Växt Cafe? What is your favourite vegetarian restaurant or place to eat in Stockholm? We always love to hear from you. Get in touch by leaving a comment below.

19th January 2016

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