Top Tips for Stockholm Tourists

Order Swedish filter coffee (Brygg kaffe)

In Sweden, and particularly in touristy areas such as Gamla Stan, it is often cheaper to order a standard Swedish filter coffee (often called Brygg kaffe) than a latté or anything you might normally order in your generic coffee chain. (Fika is a way of life & so the Swedes make filter coffee well – it’s worth trying- and good for your pockets too!)

Eat out for lunch instead of dinner

Try a weekday lunch instead of dinner to grab some of the best bargains around – you’ll pay around 80-100kr ($8-12) at most establishments. 

Free Boat Ride in Stockholm

You can read more about this on our dedicated Free Boat Ride Article.

Site-seeing for free

Soaking up the sights of Stockholm will cost you nothing & the city boasts an incredible variety of landscapes from the Old town of Gamla Stan to the architecture around Stockholm city including Stockholm Stadsbibliotek, from pine forests to lakes surrounding the islands that make up Stockholm, there is plenty to absorb and enjoy around you. So just grab your camera & start exploring…

Top Museums

A visit to Stockholm wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Vasamuseet (Vasa Museum).  Situated on Djurgården, this museum houses the wreck of the great Swedish warship – find out more about Vasa here!

For other top museums – including many with free entry – check out our recommendations for places to visit.

Photography in Stockholm

For your complete guide of where to capture on camera the best that Stockholm has to offer – check out our ‘Stockholm for Photographers’ guide here.

Stockholm’s food trucks & Summer street food market

Swede’s love good food & as you wander around Stockholm (particularly during the Summer season), you might might notice that food trucks are popping up everywhere – around 20 of them in fact! All offering fresh, quality street food, at reasonable prices. Head Horntulls Strand Market on Sundays from May to September to find the greatest range of food trucks in one place in Stockholm. And the rest of the time, they will be in different places across the city – follow them on social media or get in touch with them, as we are told that many of them offer home delivery too! Here is list of some of Stockholm’s best food trucks:
Forno Auto food truck

BunBun Truck – Vietnamese Bánh Mì
Forno Auto – Complete with pizza oven
Chili Bus AB – American food specialising in Texas Chilli
El Taco Truck – Mexican Tacos
Fred’s food truck – USA inspired street food
Indian Street Food – Fantastic tasty Indian Street Food – you can also read about their restaurant here
Köftebilen – Turkish cuisine
Milner’s Fish & Chips – British Fish & Chips
Vegan Schmegan – Vegan cuisine

Oh…and if you are looking for something a little more Swedish and want a food truck guaranteed to be in the same place all year round, head to Nystekt Stromming on Sodermalmstorg 1 for some classic Swedish herring dishes.

We’ll be adding more top tips for tourists and locals alike as time goes by…in the mean time, if you have a top tourist tip for travellers to Stockholm, let us know by leaving a comment below!

15th May 2014

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  • Alessandro Montagner

    When I visited Stockholm in August 2010 I found the Stockholm card was not worth its price.
    I will be visiting again next week, in mid October 2015, and again the card does not seem a good option, at 765 kr for 48 h.
    I’ll stay in the city for a week, therefore getting a week pass from SL (300 kr for 7 days: THAT’s a good tip), so that part of the STHLM card seems redundant. And given the timetables for most museums, I don’t see how anyone could manage to burn 765 kr in tickets within two days.

    • Absolutely – I agree that it’s not for everyone. At the same time, we’ve met people who have found it worth the money – especially if museums are their thing. I suppose it depends on what you are looking for. The current price is 645 kr for 48 hrs.

      Say for example you wanted to visit just 4 of the top tourist attractions: The Abba Museum (200 kr), Vasa (130 kr), The Royal Palace in Gamla Stan (150 kr) and A boat trip – The Royal Canal Tour (185kr). This would cost you 665 kr which is more than the cost of the card plus you then get free travel.

      But I agree with you – there are cheaper ways to see the city and the SL travel card can definitely be good value for money. :)