Exploring Swedish traditions

From Swedish midsummer and crayfish parties to bonfires and wearing candles as head-dresses(!), this is your guide to all things Swedish. As well as some cultural history, here you’ll also find a recipe of two (because food is very important in Swedish traditions) so you can join in the festivities wherever you find yourself this year!

Valborg in Sweden: Celebrating the arrival of Spring

Spring has been a long time coming this year, and we’re still waking up not knowing whether we snow will have made an appearance again. When you imagine what life would have been like in centuries gone by in this Northern (and in some places Arctic) climate that we call …

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28th April 2017

Explore Stockholm with the 100 Point Challenge

Looking for a different way to explore Stockholm this summer?

Yes, the weather is finally changing which means that getting out and about during this season is a must!  But how can you get the most from this historical and culturally rich city, whilst also enjoying the Swedish outdoors? Well, …

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25th March 2017

Classic Swedish Meatballs and Lingonberry Sauce Recipe

Perhaps Sweden has IKEA to thank for the worldwide fame surrounding its most famous dish? One thing we are sure of is that after several years of living here and many recipe attempts, we have settled on this being our favourite homemade meatball recipe. It is simple to make and …

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21st February 2017

St. Lucia in Sweden

Lucia is perhaps the biggest advent tradition in Sweden, and for the music, white gowns, candles and artistic beauty – it is definitely worth seeing if you can. (And you won’t have to go far to find a Lucia pageant across Stockholm at this time of year.)

In days gone …

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8th December 2016

Lussekatter: Make your own Saffron Buns

It’s fair to say that Swedes definitely always have a food (at least one) to accompany each season and Advent is no different…

You won’t have to look hard in Stockholm at this time of year to find these saffron-flavoured baked goods. For Swedes, lussekatter (or lussebullar) are saffron buns,  …

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30th November 2016

Julmarknader – Christmas Markets in Stockholm 2016

‘Tis the season! UPDATED FOR 2016

Advent is almost here in Sweden… yes, it really is that time of year again!

And what better way to get you into the holiday spirit than heading to a Christmas market or two. To make things easy for you, we’ve compiled a list …

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18th November 2016

And so the season of lights begins…

Winter has truly arrived… and quicker than any of us expected! The clocks have gone back and the light continues to fade…  but in Sweden, darkness can mean only one thing… the season of lights has begun.

For centuries, candles, lamps and the warmth of the cosy fireplace have been …

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7th November 2016

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