We visited Sturekatten as it had been recommended to us by several Stockholmers, and yes, it was clear that many many Stockholmers do frequent it – despite its two dining rooms, we were lucky to find a table!

Sturekatten is hidden away from the street – you have to go through a door and up the stairs before you find it.

(FYI – these kind of places always make me feel uneasy! I don’t know about you but I always prefer to see a cafe or restaurant before I agree to sit down and eat there – I mean, if no-one is eating there, there may be a reason for that! Of course you can leave if you don’t like the look of it but there’s something about already being that far inside that makes it kind of…awkward.)

Well, it was far from empty anyway, and if we had decided to change our minds, there were so many people around that no-one would notice us slipping away. The menu looked decent so we thought we’d give it a shot. We ordered what we thought were two dagens lunch options (you know – those Stockholm on a shoestring favourites when there is bread and coffee is included – making you feel like you are getting your money’s worth). Despite the coffee being available for self-service in the middle of the dining room…no! Coffee, we were told, was not included. I’m fine with that – but it did seem like an odd set-up.

Anyway, we ordered one lasagne and one toasted sandwich.  We waited…and we waited…and after 25 minutes I had to go and ask where our food was. A few minutes later, our food did arrive but it was just…really bad!

My lasagne was cold in the middle and instead of a bechamel sauce, the topping consisted of giant slices of mozzarella – which was a shame as I have had plenty of good lasagnes in Stockholm.

…So that was the food…

…But what most people rave about here is the decor.  They have gone for an antique look of mis-matched furniture with wooden framed sofas and chairs, complemented an array of oil paintings on the walls.  I like the concept. But it did feel rather…unfinished. The furniture and paintings I liked…but the walls could do with a new lick of paint and the window frames are in desperate need of some attention with paint coming away from the frames – easy things to fix really and it would just give it that look of intentional decor, rather than that ‘I just went to the second-hand store and bought everything I could find for cheap’ look!

On this occasion, we weren’t overly impressed.  So why have we included the review? Well, Stockholm on a Shoestring is about finding the best value places to eat but it’s also about letting you know what you’re in for. Maybe we went on a bad day! Perhaps we should try again when it could be less busy.

Have you been to Sturrekatten? What was your experience? I’d love to know if you had a good experience or if yours was the same as ours. Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Location: Riddargatan 4, 114 35, Stockholm
Tube: Östermalmstorg (Red Line)
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9-19, Fri 9-18, Sat & Sun 10-18

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21st July 2014

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