Great Stockholm gym passes for all budgets (and you don’t need a person number!)

We hear it all the time… Sweden is a great place to live; some would even say, one of the best places in the world! And we do love Sweden, but before we get carried away… let’s remember that it is not without its challenges. Take, for example, the Swedish person number… aahhh yes! It is necessary for identification on so many levels: for a bank account, ID card, store loyalty cards and…oh, you’ll need that person number to get a gym membership too! (But if you’re only visiting Stockholm or here short term…this can be tricky to acquire!)

Not only that…gyms can also be super expensive in Sweden. We’ve been on the hunt ever since we arrived in Sweden to find affordable ways to exercise. But winter’s coming (!) and somehow the utegyms (outdoor gyms) on offer in Stockholm seem slightly less appealing during this season.

But in this day and age, where there is a problem, you can be sure that someone is going to find a solution – which is where new start up Gymgo comes in. Gymgo allows you to compare and purchase passes for different gyms and exercise classes across the city (and indeed Sweden) for the duration you require: one day, a week, month and even year passes can be compared and purchased on their site. And we haven’t even told you the best part: you don’t need a person number (Hurrah!) so anyone can access these facilities. So whether you are a tourist in Stockholm or a local, Gymgo may just be the solution we have been looking for…

The big question!

So are the gyms on offer any good? Value for money matters to us here at Stockholm on a Shoestring so not only is this a big question but it is also an important one!  Thankfully, we actually had the opportunity to try a couple of these places… and so we can bring you our opinions on a couple of the options available on the Gymgo website.

Ben from Stockholm on a Shoestring visited W8 Weight Club Gym in Gamla Stan and this is what he thought:

“I was impressed by the quality of W8 Weight Club – the equipment was extensive and very well maintained. Any gym in Stockholm’s Old Town naturally has to maximise on the available space, and while the changing rooms were pretty small, the other spaces – ranging from dedicated free weights rooms to a cardio and machine areas – felt adequately spacious. And I enjoyed that some of the typical Gamla Stan underground charm has been maintained in the lower ground floor rooms, clearly converted from wine cellars or the like. The staff were helpful – they speak excellent English – and happily accepted my Gymgo pass. It’s certainly not the cheapest – but for convenience, charm, and quality, it comes highly recommended!”

Meanwhile, Anita tried a Mysore class at Ashtanga Yoga in Odenplan. She writes:

“Being a keen yogi, but having never practised ‘Mysore’ Ashtanga yoga (the traditional method of learning Ashtanga yoga), I thought I should give Ashtanga Yoga in Odenplan a go. Mysore means that you do yoga at your own pace, so the class is not led, instead the teacher is there to instruct and guide you through a sequence of different postures. Despite my lack of experience in Mysore style, I was made to feel welcome and guided through each movement by the teacher. In fact, the class felt more personal as you had one on one time with the yoga instructor. Definitely a good way of having a personalised class (and cheaper than a private one-on-one class would be). The changing rooms are quite small and there is only one studio but that didn’t seem to be a problem – everyone who arrived had plenty of space!”

(Ashtanga Yoga photos courtesy of Gymgo)

Why we like Gymgo:
  • Their wide variety of different exercise styles and venues
    What’s your focus: Cardio? Weights? Yoga? Boxing? We were pleasantly surprised by the range on offer.
  • Make it work for you:
    Just here for  few days? Then just buy a 1 day pass. Here for 6 months? No problem!
  • Compare prices of each gym in one place
    And ensure you get the best deal for you.
  • The facilities for each outlet are listed
    Looking for a sauna (bastu) to be truly Swedish? Just check the facilities for each outlet on the Gymgo site.
  • No person number needed! 
    ’nuff said.

So check out Gymgo, bag a deal and get healthy at the same time! It’s a no brainer really!

Disclaimer: Gymgo gave us passes to test out Ashtanga Yoga & W8. We have also set up an affiliate link with them. All opinions are honest and true // Anita – Stockholm on a Shoestring Founder.

21st October 2015

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