Stockholm Stadsmission (City Mission)

The Stockholm Stadsmission stores are one of my favourite second hand stores so far – you could spend hours in them & get lost in the various sections – there really is something for everyone…

The store on Hagagatan (near Odengatan underground stop) has the largest section of kitchen & homewares that I have seen. In addition to this there is a vast clothing section, a corridor of accessories & a music/ entertainment room.  With so many treasures in this underground world, you could lose yourself for hours…but never fear, when you feel fatigued from all of that treasure hunting, head over to their coffee station, where you can refuel on a cup of coffee for 10 kronor (bargain!) & even energise from their selection of fairtrade chocolate & snacks. Well done Stockholm Stadsmission – this is no longer just a second hand shop, but this is a hugely enjoyable shopping experience!

I thought it was worth mentioning the Gamla Stan Stadsmission Store, which in keeping with Stockholm’s Old town, has more of an antique shop feel.  Yes – much of what they have is priced slightly higher than other Stadsmission stores, but their selection is very different & worth a look, especially if you are looking to pick up some vintage gems from this cave of antiques. In the spirit of recycling goods that are ‘past their best’, Stadsmission also remake things fabric and other materials & some of these items are on sale at the Stadsmission Gamla Stan store. Other Stadsmission stores that sell this range include Skånegatan , Great Square , Hökarängen and Scrape .

Hagagatan Store: Hagagatan 3
Nearest Tube: Odenplan (Green Line)
Opening Times: Mon-Fri 10-18.30, Sat 11-17, Sun 12-16

Gamla Stan Store: Trångsund 8
Nearest Tube: Gamla Stan (Green, Red and Blue Lines)
Opening Times: Weekdays 10-18, Sat 11-16

Hagagatan Store in pictures…

Gamla Stan Store in pictures…

22nd April 2014

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  • Rayne Ethetton

    Went to both of these today… I am sooooo in love with the Hagagatan store. Cute stuff and the prices were the best I have seen in any second hand store in Stockholm. Very hipster feel and great music.

  • Wael Egitto

    Hi, could you please advise your rental fees ? As I wanna to rent small space to show my goods that I wanna to sell

    • Hi Wael,

      You’ll need to contact the flea market / loppis directly if you want to sell – Stadsmission is a charity shop and so they don’t have stalls in that way. Here is a good link to find various loppisar around Sweden:

      • Wael Egitto

        Thank u Anita and have a nice day from Egypt