If you are only going to visit one flea market… Söderloppis @ GötaKällare

***2017 UPDATE — According to their website, Söderloppis has now closed. We will be posting new articles about other flea markets in Stockholm soon – make sure you sign up to the mailing list so you don’t miss out!***

Flea markets are not for everyone & before I visited this one, I wasn’t sure if they were for me but since visiting Söderloppis @ Götakällare, I’m definitely a flea market convert & if you haven’t, I urge you to give it a try. Set in the basement of bar/club Göta Källare, Söderloppis flea market is an absolute favourite of ours in Stockholm. Only open on Sundays, it is definitely worth the 10 kronor entry fee.

While many of the stalls feature second hand clothes and household items, we have seen various stalls including vinyl records, jewellery, toys & even taxidermy (not what we were expecting)!  Prices are cheap and sellers seem to change from week to week as most people buy a stall & use it like a car boot sale/ yard sale. (Is a car boot sale a UK thing?)  Anyway, we love this place – they also sell coffee from the bar area as well, so you can browse & thrift to your heart’s content.

Top tip: If you are only going to visit one flea market in Stockholm – make it this one!

And if you want to book a stall to sell some of your own second hand goods, you can sign up for a stall here.

Location: Göta Källaren, Folkungagatan 45, Södermalm
Nearest Tube: Medborgarplatsen (Green Line)
Opening times: Sunday 11-16

25th May 2014

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  • Sofia

    Hi! About car boot sales, if it’s when you sell things second hand out of your car, there are plenty of them here! I live in Kungsängen outside of Stockholm, and this weekend me and my husband are going to Täby to sell stuff at the Täby Galopp bakluckeloppis/car boot sale. It’s the biggest one in Sweden, but there are other big ones in the Stockholm area, like the one at Solvalla. You pay 170kr to park but that’s the only cost. You should try it!

    By the way, I really enjoy your music! I heard you first in New Zealand, and realized when we got home from there 3 weeks ago that you live 30 min away from me. What a fun surprise! Keep going strong.


    • Thanks Sofia,
      We hadn’t come across any carboot sales in Stockholm until now so we will definitely have to check it out – thanks for the tip!

      And thank you for your encouragement with our music too. It is amazing how small the world can be sometimes!
      Blessings to you.

  • arturomeca

    I just tried to go today, august 16 2015 and it was closed the göta källare. Too bad, because i really wanted to check out the flea market. If someone knows why it was closed, or if they changed location, I would really appreciate it

    • Ah – I hope this hasn’t closed for good. It is uncertain on their website at the moment. We’ll be sure to email them and find out what’s going on. Thanks for letting us know!

  • Ray Bristow

    Hi where is it best to buy 2nd hand furniture in Stockholm

  • Ray Bristow

    Many thanks Anita I will pass that on to my granddaughter. I sadly have not heard your music but would be interested to know how I could. Kind regards

  • Bigfrank

    Hi, do you know any stores selling affordable retro hifi / electronics? I am looking to find old turntables, amplifiers and speakers, but so far the stores I’ve come across seem to be very high end and expensive. Any tips for cheap / good electronics?



  • Eliezer99

    So: is it open or closed? Can we have a final verdict, please? Or perhaps updated tips regarding flea/antique markets? Thanks!

    • According to their website – they have now closed. I will update the article to reflect this – thanks for the reminder.

      We are also currently researching some new flea markets for articles which will be coming soon. Watch this space (and let us know if you have heard of any you would like us to check out!