“Meatballs for the people” – real Swedish food

While not always considered as a real contender amongst popular world cuisine,  it may come as a surprise to you that Sweden does have many culinary delights to offer…not least as one of its most famous dishes…Swedish meatballs!  Sweden may have IKEA to thank for the rise in one of it’s most popular dishes (and if you want really cheap Swedish meatballs and you’re not in Stockholm , go to IKEA!

Traditionally, meatballs are served in schools on a Friday (or so my sources tell me) and they really are a staple family meal.  Traditionally, they are served with potatoes, lingonberry jam (similar to cranberry sauce) and gräddsås (a creamy sauce made from a basis of beef stock and cream).

However, if you are in Stockholm and you want to go for a slightly classier vibe for your meatball lunch or dinner, then IKEA may not be the way forward (!) Instead, we recommend “Meatballs for the People” on Södermalm, Stockholm.  With carefully-sourced organic ingredients, Meatballs for the people is a treat for the taste buds and that ecological side of you that wants to do the right thing!

To be thrifty, arrive for their dagens lunch (daily lunch) between 11:00 and 16:00 and get today’s meatballs and sides for 125SEK (including coffee).

Otherwise, their evening menu offers something for all appetites and even with their main dish, Meatballs for the People is a good choice for the wallet (dinner and drinks for 4 people came to under 1000SEK at the time of writing).  Our evening menu consisted of three different types of meatballs (veal, traditional meatballs with over 70% pork and their flavoursome fennel meatballs).  And if meat is not your thing, or you’re looking for something a bit different, why not try their rooster, reindeer, salmon, vegetarian or even vegan meatballs – there really is something for everyone.

At the time of writing, “Meatballs for the people” is currently rated at number 11 on Trip Advisor (it was 14 when we visited but heard about this place by from friends). Check it out – it is well worth a visit!

Location: Nytorgsgatan 30, 116 40 Stockholm
Nearest Tube: Medborgarplatsen (Green Line)
Opening Times: Sunday-Thursday: 11.00 – 22.00, Friday-Saturday: 11.00 – 24.00

23rd February 2015

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