Great places to eat out and fika in Stockholm

From exploring Sweden’s café culture (fika) to finding restaurants that serve up top Swedish cuisine, we’re on a mission to find the best cafés and restaurants across the city that offer a great foodie experience… for a price that won’t break the bank.

Sushi in Stockholm

Stockholm does sushi well, which is not surprising for a city that is surrounded by water, and celebrates fish at every seasonal dinner table (including Midsummer and Christmas).  Plus, if you opt for a lunch deal (dagens lunch), you really can make the most of this Japanese cuisine in Sweden.…

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4th August 2017

Indian Street Food & Co. – some of the best Indian Food in Stockholm

So there we were, braving the bitter sub-zero January temperatures of Stockholm in search of some hearty, warming food for the soul – only to find that the lunch place we were heading for was closed!

But all was not lost… as we retraced our steps it wasn’t long before …

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10th January 2017

Ikon Cafe – for breakfast or brunch in the city

Brunch is back! Following trends from the US and Europe, Sweden has also taken a liking to the brunch scene in recent years. And with popular additions such as Stockholm Brunch Club coming onto the Swedish food scene, it’s easy to see why.

Ikon Cafe – for a weekday breakfast

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13th November 2016

Växt cafe – A fantastic lunch deal for vegetarians and vegans in Stockholm.

At first glance, this cafe seems like it is just another takeaway eatery in Stockholm (yawn!) but… if you dare to let your tastebuds loose amongst this sea of flavour and nutritional goodness, we assure you – you will not be disappointed!

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19th January 2016

Eat at one of Stockholm’s best restaurants for just 86 SEK

Yes…you heard us correctly!

At the time of visiting in March 2015, Tutto Bello is rated at number 4 on TripAdvisor of all restaurants in Stockholm and is known for serving some of the best Italian food in the city.

We just have to tell you about this place…hidden in …

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20th March 2015

American Diner or German Bakery? All in the same great city!

Stockholm’s range of world cuisine seems to be continually expanding.

We’ve mentioned before that you should definitely seek out sushi in Stockholm as a lunch option – especially if you want to dine out on a budget.  And cafés in Stockholm are a must – not least to experience Fika …

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9th March 2015

“Meatballs for the people” – real Swedish food

While not always considered as a real contender amongst popular world cuisine,  it may come as a surprise to you that Sweden does have many culinary delights to offer…not least as one of its most famous dishes…Swedish meatballs!  Sweden may have IKEA to thank for the rise in one of …

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23rd February 2015

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