A Grand Day Out At Stockholm’s Royal Place and Grounds

As another winter departs, the cityscape of Stockholm is transformed from cloudy (and sometimes snow-covered) and instead, we awaken to many crisp, clear and heart-warmingly sunny days (OK…so today is a bad example of that!), rousing inside us that longing to be outdoors and helping us to understand the love that so many Swedes have to be outside during these Spring and Summer months!

And don’t think that to experience the outdoors you need to venture far from Stockholm – quite the contrary.  If you are looking for things to do in the city, why not view Stockholm from the heights of Katarinahissen or if you are feeling really active, check out one of Stockholm’s outdoor gyms – and yes, you can do both of these for FREE!  And let’s not forget that while Stockholm offers us many beautiful days during the Summer season, the weather is changeable  so if rain looks to be on the cards, try the indoor activities of visiting the Vasa Museum or Stadsbiblioteket.

Anyway, back to today’s post…

Drottningholm is the Royal residence for the King and Queen of Sweden and is located to the west of Stockholm’s main islands. Not only is it easily accessible by public transport, but the extensive grounds make for an enjoyable day out for the whole family in every season.  One of the best things about this place is that you don’t need to enjoy the palace interiors (which you would have to pay for) to have a great day out – I have had many enjoyable visits to Drottningholm without paying to go inside the palace once!

The Palace…

The palace itself at Drottningholm remains very well preserved and a pretty impressive spectacle from the outside.  Dating back to the 1600s, it represents a combination of European architecture from the time.  There are several buildings next to the Royal Palace, including Drottningholms Slottsteater (The Palace Theatre) which dates back to the 1700s, and even today many performances and screenings happen throughout the year (particularly many operas) which involve the use of many original staging techniques.  Due to a restoration in the 20th century, all of the equipment behind the scenes is also original – quite the experience if opera appeals to you (but this is probably not a shoestring post).

The Gardens…

Beyond the house lies the vast and orderly surroundings of the palace gardens. On a summer’s day, the many fountains come to life and and show the royal granduer of this place to its fullest. In winter, this picturesque scene is transformed into something almost surreal –  as if you are standing in the middle of a painting or you stepped inside a novel – it really needs to be seen to be believed!

The Grounds…

And the grounds of Drottningholm don’t stop there…take a gentle stroll beyond these gardens and there are more sights to be found including the Chinese Pavilion (Kina Slott) which was built as a surprise birthday present from King Adolf Fredrik in 1753 for his wife, Queen Lovisa Ulrika.  (You can read more information about this collection of buildings when you visit.)  And if all of this history and walking leaves you feeling lethargic, we recommend the waffles at the cafe right by the Chinese Pavilion at any time of year.

The perfect day out in Stockholm on a budget…

This really is the perfect shoestring day out…why not bring your own picnic and soak up this the royal history that surrounds you. So if you are looking for an outing in Stockholm on a budget for all ages – this is it!

Location: 178 02, Drottningholm
How to get there: Drottningholm is not on a tube line so check your route using the Stockholm transport website – your end destination should be ‘Drottningholms Slott’.
Beyond a shoestring budget, in the summer months there are also ferries which travel from the city out to Drottningholm – but these are not free or particularly cheap! Ferries depart from Stadshuskajen (the City Hall Quay).
Opening Times: Grounds are open all year round


Have you visited Drottningholm? Do you have any great tips for days out in Stockholm on a budget? Get in touch by leaving a comment below.


17th April 2015

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