About Stockholm on a Shoestring

I’m Anita, and I moved to Stockholm in January 2014 together with my husband Ben. Although I have been here several times & he has lived here at different points during his life, there is a lot we don’t know about this city and many hidden gems we want to explore.

As someone who is fairly new to this city, and being thrifty by nature, I am keen to discover how we can enjoy this place without breaking the bank. Good value & second hand shops, value for money restaurants & cafes and thrifty days out is what we’re after.

So whether you are travelling through or Stockholm is your home, watch this space as we explore the capital of Scandinavia…

Second-hand Stockholm

It didn’t take us long to uncover the second-hand scene in Sweden. It’s big. From clothes to furniture, fabric to home decor – you can find everything you need & cheaply too!

Whether you are passing through & want to buy a souvenir of your travels or want to completely kit out your home, we’ve categorised some of our favourites by location & content to make it easy for you.

Where to eat

Eating out in Stockholm can be expensive…unless you know where to go. We’re not saying you’ll eat for free but these places do provide great value for money…and the food is good too!

Days out

Want to know where you should visit in Stockholm? Here are our top days out if you’re on a budget or you just don’t want to pay the earth! We’ve even compiled a selection of suggested day trips so if you don’t feel like planning, you don’t have to.

  • Ana Valle

    My story is very similar! I’ve moved to my sambo Alec this month, and my name is Ana :)

    • It’s great to meet you Ana – hope you are settling in to Stockholm life well! If you come across any more shoestring tourist tips that we haven’t already discovered, make sure you let us know! :)

  • stephhsu

    Anita – I stumbled upon your site via Slow Travel Stockholm, and I am SO glad I did! I absolutely love your site. I’m a blogger / freelancer (I’m slowly shifting in Swedish related content at thethousandthgirl.com) that just moved to Uppsala for a semester abroad, but plan to explore Stockholm on the weekends – your site is FULL of inspiration! Can’t wait to check out the places you’ve suggested; the moment I saw Herman’s on your recent blog queue, I knew we were thinking on the same wavelength. Keep exploring!!


    • Hi Stephanie, It’s great to meet you.

      So glad you like our site and from you website, you seem to be enjoying the Swede life too! Loving your site…and yes, I see we are definitely on the same wavelength!


  • Dhruv Phadke

    I got this website when I was trying to find second hand shops in Stockholm.
    I’m going to attend KTH as a student starting this Autumn, so I’m sure I’ll be benefiting from your experiences for next two years at the very least! :)
    Huzzah for explorers!

    • Hi Dhruv,

      It’s great that you’ll be in Stockholm for a while. Yes – there are plenty of second hand stores in Stockholm as you’ve probably already discovered now. Do let me know if you find anything interesting gems that we have not yet discovered! All the best for your studies!

      // Anita